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International award-winning illusionist Daniel Ka brings to you a fully interactive online magic show. A customised virtual experience that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your house or office. This is not something you will just sit and watch, this is an interactive experience where you will feel the magic in your hands

From 1 to 500 spectators. Fully personalised for companies, corporate events, online parties and families. A very fun, intimate show filled with positive energy.

Magic, mentalism, mind reading and fun for everyone.

English and/or Spanish.

Photo by Chema Alonso


Amaze clients, employees, friends and families with an online magic show experience. This fully interactive affair gives Daniel Ka the opportunity to engage with his audience, the stars of the show, allowing them to feel the magic in the palm of their hands.


Feel The Magic aims to provide an unforgettable experience and gives you the chance to bring your team together on a lighter, fun note. A virtual shows that connects directly with them, bringing astonishment, laughter and joy to their living rooms or offices, anywhere in the world. 

A fully customisable experience. Want to launch a new product or service? Do you want to build stronger connection with your clients or with your employees? Daniel Ka will convey your message in his show or even present your product in a unique way that your clients have never experienced.

Get in touch with us now and we'll be happy to prepare a proposal for you.

Shows available in English and/or Spanish.

Corporate Events

Employees and their families

Product Launches

Video Meetings


Team Building

Photo by Chema Alonso


We believe, now, more than ever, that it’s important to find time for joy, connection and laughter. Our Virtual Show Feel The Magic is highly interactive and fun, with visually appealing magic numbers for the entire family. Everyone will appreciate being able to watch and participate from the comfort and safety of their own home, wherever it may be in the world.


Feel The Magic can be customised to fit your special occasion: birthdays of all ages, anniversaries, academic groups or simply as an excuse to bring families and friends together.

Daniel Ka will be performing in your very own living room!  From 1 to 500 spectators can watch, enjoy and participate in this unique experience. Remember this is not just another pre-recorded video, this is a live performance where the magic will happen in the palm of the audience's hands.

Feel The Magic is user-friendly! From  desktops to laptops, tablets and even your smartphones. We'll send you and your guests the link as a special invitation together with the instructions the day before the show.

Do you want to surprise someone with this show? Let us know, we'll help you organise an unforgettable and incomparable experience.

Get in touch with us now and w'ill be happy to prepare a proposal for you.

Shows available in English and/or Spanish.

Surprise Parties

Birthday Parties

of any age


Academic Groups

Friends / Family Meetings

Virtual Cocktail Parties



Get in touch and we'll prepare a customised proposal that best suits your idea. We can't wait to get started with an online magic show for you!

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